Free Baits To Kids and Military

If you are a bass fishing fanatic and fish for trophies or fish in tournaments, then you will want to help us further the sport with the kids and military. You can do this just by purchasing your baits through our partner TACKLE WAREHOUSE and half the profits will be used to benefit the kids programs and military free baits programs. To find out more about this click here . 

These are just a FEW examples of the free baits and tackle we have sent out, (not everybody does a video), but it's the thought that counts. Please consider making your purchases at Tackle Warehouse through our link here or at The Bass College at as it is the main way we can do this for the kids and military. You are buying at Tackle Warehouse anyway, why not help the kids?? If you want the free baits for yourself you can do that also. All the details are listed in the rules for free baits at